We apply the most current therapeutic and technological solutions to alleviate diabetes
treatment for patients.

We endeavor to construct far reaching answers for the anticipation and treatment of diabetes.

Diabetes is a gathering of metabolic infections, described by an expansion of (glucose) level, called hyperglycemia, and coming about because of deformities in insulin discharge, insulin activity or both. The United Nations considered diabetes a 21st-century scourge, and the International Diabetes Federation cautions that by 2045 it will influence right around 629 million individuals.


Insulin is delivered by beta cells in the pancreas. It is a protein hormone that conditions starch, protein and fat digestion, which thus decides the correct development and separation of cells.

Recombinant human insulin is on the WHO’s Model List of Essential Medicines and remains the best treatment in diabetes treatment. It is made utilizing current advances that apply hereditary designing techniques. The insulin acquired in this procedure is indistinguishable from the insulin delivered in the pancreas.

The thought behind insulin treatment is to impersonate physiological insulin discharge. This can be accomplished by applying the Intensive Functional Insulin Therapy (infusing basal insulin and providing bolus insulin before dinners) or by providing insulin through an outside insulin siphon.



Mimicking basal insulin release:

NPH insulin, intermediate- and long-acting

Long-acting insulin analogs


Insulins responsible for controlling blood sugar (glucose) levels after meals, administered in situations when a rapid glucose level reduction is necessary:

Short-acting human insulin

Rapid-acting insulin analogs

Inhaled insulin

In some cases, particularly for the treatment of Type II diabetes, pre-blended insulin can be utilized. Such a pre-blended detailing joins insulins of various onsets and spans (for example short-acting human insulin and NPH insulin). This treatment is expected for patients who lead a customary way of life, eat suppers at fixed occasions and in same-sized segments.

Human insulin simple is hereditarily adjusted human insulin. Analogs are made so as to accelerate, abbreviate or extend the beginning of activity of the insulin planning.


Reacting to the requirements of patients and the clinical network, we endeavor to construct complete answers for the anticipation and treatment of diabetes. We apply the most current restorative and innovative arrangements, just as our insight in the field of diabetology.


eat 5 meals per day

Three full meals and two snacks per day are the key to optimum nutrition, thus providing the body with regular energy portions.

choose healthy foods

Heathy food implies food prepared as meager as could be expected under the circumstances. Maintain a strategic distance from soft drinks and improved beverages, canned food, instant dinners, white bread and pasta, sweet and pungent tidbits, fat meat and saved fat meat. Pick foul flour, entire wheat bread and pasta, earthy colored rice, foods grown from the ground. Eat dairy items and lean meat.

take minimum 15 minutes for a meal

Unhurried meals foster lowering body weight, because eating slower can decrease calorie intake. Remember that the brain receives satiety signals after approximately 15 minutes from the moment you start eating.

sleep well

Sleep is an essential factor aiding regeneration of the body. Sleep disorders have an impact on glucose metabolism.

chew carefully, up to 30 times

Digestion starts in the mouth, and careful chewing begins and facilitates this process.


Choose a physical activity that suits you the most and exercise. It doesn’t matter if you do it on your own or in a group, as long as you move. A walk is the least you can do, so take a stroll every day. Walking is the easiest physical activity that keeps the body healthy.

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